Volume 3: Collapsed Binary Has Arrived!

After a long wait, the third volume of Argosy is finally here!

The road to the publication of this anthology has been a long and rough one. The idea was to create an avenue for budding female, gay and non-binary pulp writers, or creators of such characters, to see publication. Action and adventure are not genres known to be well populated by women, whether in the stories themselves or behind the keyboards.

Finally, the decision has been made to release this volume of Argosy in multiple issues. This is just the beginning!

You can download Argosy Volume 3, Issue 1 on Amazon right now!

One thought on “Volume 3: Collapsed Binary Has Arrived!

  1. Is your objective ” to create an avenue for budding female, gay and non-binary pulp writers” the objective for the entire Argosy publications, or is it a theme for Volume 3?
    Specific focus for individual volumes is an outstanding idea.

    I did not see any hint of any preferences when Volumes 1 and 2 came out.
    You have the potential for a great pulp publication with universal appeal here and I think that you may scare away a LOT of potential readers by stating that this is the objective of the entire enterprise.


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