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Volume 1: Fantastic Frontiers
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Argosy1PrintCover-204x300Volume 1: Fantastic Frontiers contains fantastic yarns from the frontiers of humanity, whether they be the old American West, the colonies of Mars, asteroid mines on Saturn’s belt or worlds beyond our solar system. In this volume:

The Martian Falcon by Andrew J Lucas
Marshal Jones’s Hunt by James Hoffmeister
Parsec Hiccup by Lancer Kind
Summers in the Snow by Clay Sheldon
Kila S Tidwell (2204-2287) by Shombuddha Majumdar
Falling by William Meikle
Last Stand of the Calaveras Kid by Cynthia Ward
Valley of the Lost by Robert E. Howard

Volume 2: Pulp Modern
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Mockup1b-187x300The time is now. Strange things are happening across the globe. Four unwilling heroes are thrown into circumstances beyond their comprehension. Some react in good humor; others, with trepidation. Some will return scarred, others broken, and some will not return at all.

Somewhere in New England, a man returns to the place of his nightmares to search for his older brother, missing for thirty years, while in Central Texas a man awakes with no memory of his identity and little of his past. Elsewhere in the Southern United States, two men stumble upon a secret best left untold, and in Auckland, New Zealand a man disappears without a trace.

In this volume, four novelettes of modern pulp fiction, set in the modern day:

The Beat of Heavy Wings by Kurt Newton
Your Basic Plot by Curtis James McConnell
Illegal Aliens by G. Lloyd Helm
Hidden by Peter Glassborow